Find places to eat near you.

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Why Khaney Time?

Khaney Time answers a simple question that every one has. Where do we eat today?

  • Keyword Search
    Type in food items or place's name to filter a list of places.
  • Location Search
    Find restaurants at a particular location, or find restaurants nearby you.
  • Map View
    View restaurants around you on map, draw over the map to get filtered results.
  • Review & Ratings
    View reviews and ratings for places by fellow foodies and decide where to eat.

Your Food Hunt Companion

Find places in and around your town. Check pictures and reviews to make an informed decision.


Khaney Time for your needs

Track your food journey with Khaney Time. Save and share places you want to visit with your friends.

Bookmark Places

Bookmark places that you would want to visit and share the list with your foodie partner!

Create your dine history

Mark places you've been to, add a remark and create your dining history with Khaney Time.

Rate and review

Rate and review places you've been, to help your fellow foodies find a place to eat.

Share with friends

Share places that interests you with your friend in a single tap. Get location, view map directions and get moving.

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